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Release History

5/25/16 Zephyr OnDEMAND Updates

  • update for StyleADVISOR 8.6
  • Text updates
  • Database updates, additions

5/19/15 Zephyr OnDEMAND Updates

  • Reporting:
    • Saved Report, manager update shows updated manager after preview.
    • Generating reports remembers selections again on clicking back.
    • Do not create a duplicate report on changing report name.
    • Show latest changes on generating report.
  • Product Search:
    • Do not show duplicate products.

4/2/15 Zephyr OnDEMAND Updates

  • Blends:
    • End date input option on blends for blend allocations.
    • Total weighting to Create Blend interface.
  • Search:
    • Option to include search results that don’t have a share class.

11/21/14 Zephyr OnDEMAND Updates

  • Blends:
    • It is now possible to reorder the allocations in a blend.
    • Allocations now include the Info Bubble (accessed by clicking (i icon) ) on the Blend edit page.
    • Blend allocations and the end date have been added to the Info Bubble.
  • Search:
    • When creating a report or blend, the search options now include "Exact Match" which helps locate products faster.
  • Zephyr Analytics Center:
    • Blend allocations are displayed under Product Information.
    • We added a "FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY" message as a compliance safeguard.
  • Important fixes:
    • Certain custom funds prevented blends from being saved and caused searches to fail; these issues have been fixed.
    • Changing the name of a Disclosure no longer creates a duplicate.

2/28/14 Zephyr OnDEMAND Updates

  • Reporting:
    • It is now possible to filter the list of products assigned to a report template using the "Filter / Search" link.
  • Asset Allocation:
    • Capital Allocation Line has been added.
  • Important fixes:
    • The ability to create Parameter Sets on the Products page has been restored.
    • When a session is expired, the user is now redirected to the log in page.
    • Disclosures assigned to parameter sets are now included in the report if the primary fund doesn't specify one.

As previously communicated to account administrators, Zephyr Separately Managed Account (SMA) data has been discontinued and was removed from the Zephyr OnDEMAND (ZOD) platform as of this release. Informa PSN SMA data is available as an alternative. Please contact your Account Manager or e-mail to discuss options and select a new SMA database.

12/18/13 Zephyr OnDEMAND v20

  • Search:
    • It is now possible to search by product name only or by product ticker only.
    • Info bubbles have been added to search results when creating a blend, plan, assumption set or score rule.
    • Info bubbles now contain the product's end date.
  • Reporting:
    • The maximum number of comparison prodcuts has been increased to 40.
  • Asset Allocation:
    • Client administrators can set the time period used to calculate historical averages of the selected assets.
  • Important fixes:
    • Plans are now validated before a report is generated.
    • Search can now handle apostrophes in the query.
    • Client admins are now warned if Saved Reports will be removed as a result of deleting a Report Template.
    • Workbooks can no longer be deleted if they are assigned to a Report Template.

11/12/13 Zephyr OnDEMAND v19

  • Analytics Center:
    • We've added the ability for client administrators to restrict access to Analytics Center by group.
    • Value-at-Risk parameters are now easier to set.
  • Asset Allocation module:
    • Sharpe Ratio has been added to the Efficient Frontier chart.
    • Client administrators can set the risk-free rate which is used to compute the Sharpe Ratio.
    • Client administrators also see the historical averages for the common period of the selected assets as well as the dates of the common period.
  • Important fixes:
    • Blends with custom funds are no longer displayed as "N/A".
    • Users are now notified when a report cannot be generated due to one of its products or blend allocations dropping from a returns database.
    • Scoring results can now be filtered by the products list and another filter if the products list contains several hundred items.

9/27/13 Zephyr OnDEMAND 4.18

  • Redesigned Login Page:
    • Provides an overview of the Zephyr product suite and information about new features
    • Responsive design works on many mobile devices and browsers
  • Analytics Center:
    • New Value at Risk chart on Risk & MPT tab
  • Initial release of the Asset Allocation module

8/23/13 Zephyr OnDemand 4.17

  • Allow multiple parameter sets per fund
  • Calendar Year Return Table and Chart in ZAC
  • Drawdown and Excess Drawdown chart in ZAC

7/25/13 Zephyr OnDemand 4.16

  • My Blends Share Class Restriction feature
    • First allocation in user blend will determine the share class that all other products can be used
    • Can be enabled in new Manage Site -> Blend Settings page, along with Rebalance Frequencies mainly used by Genworth
  • Added official support for Internet Explorer 10
  • Improved ZAC chart appearance (sharpness) on iPads and Macbooks with Retina display, and other new devices

6/26/13 Zephyr OnDemand 4.15

  • Reporting:
    • Shared Documents can now be included along with StyleADVISOR workbooks
    • When you edit a report template, you can see documents listed along with SA workbooks and order them accordingly
  • Important Fixes:
    • Saved Reports, Blends, and Report Templates are all updated accordingly if a returns database is unassigned from a site
    • Disabling Analytics Center removes "View in Analytics Center" links from info bubbles

4/12/13 Zephyr OnDemand 4.14

  • Scoring:
    • Client Specified Scoring Criteria
  • Reporting:
    • Shared Static Reports:
  • Client admins upload static PDF files and have the same versioning features as workbooks
  • End users see them listed under Shared Reports on the Reports tab
    • Report Templates:
  • Options to set specific begin date and/or end date
  • Configured in template settings on the Time Period Selection tab
  • Blends:
    • You can filter by database when adding products to a blend
    • Blends now show up in ZAC search results
    • Blends can be cloned

11/13/12 Zephyr OnDemand 4.13

  • Blends:
    • Begin Date
    • Underlying Asset Disclosures
  • Scoring:
    • Now possible to score multiple sites
    • Show category average on detailed plan reports
  • Report Templates:
    • Search DB filter
    • Exclude Site products from search results
  • ISIN # and Stock ticker search

9/28/12 Zephyr OnDemand 4.12

  • Restricted Dynamic Text Fields
  • Restricted Blend Rebalance Frequencies
  • Scoring module improvements
  • Support for third party ZAC integrations

8/16/2012 Zephyr OnDemand 4.11

  • Scoring module
  • Template-level disclosures
  • Migrated workbooks to mongodb

5/8/2012 Zephyr on Demand 4.10

  • Allow Morningstar or Lipper data to be used in std performance using same mechanism as user provided data
  • ZAC 1.2 including MPT table, Annualized Cumulative Year Return table, Risk / Return Chart