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Zephyr provides direct access to a variety of analytics and return data used to power Zephyr OnDEMAND. The REST API can be accessed using standard HTTP requests, either from your web browser, custom application, or a command-line tool such as curl.


Authentication occurs in one of two ways: sessions or Basic Authentication. When using Zephyr OnDEMAND through a browser based application, an session can be established by going through the Zephyr OnDEMAND login page at or the site-specific URL provided by your account manager.

We also offer Basic Authentication so that our web services can be used outside of a browser. For example, if your ZoD username is, and your ZoD password is letMeIn, you can access our Monte-Carlo service with curl via


The response will be a bit of trivial JSON (you can find more information about our Monte-Carlo service in the Detailed API listings below):


Note that for most clients that can parse basic authorization credentials encoded in the URL (e.g. curl, wget, most browsers), the @ in needs to be URL encoded as %40. Also note that your username and password are sent as plaintext, so please use our encrypted urls (e.g. use urls in the form of https://, not of the form http://). Users with access to multiple sites must use site-specific URLs (e.g. or append the site parameter to the query string (e.g. &site=bigcorp).

Basic authentication works by dropping an Authorization Token in the request header, so it can also easily be used in environments that don't know how to decode the URL we used in the curl example. For example, on windows with Powershell 3, we can access the Monte-Carlo API with the following incantation

$authString = "" + ':' + "letMeIn"
$encoded = [System.Convert]::ToBase64String(`
$headers = @{"Authorization"="Basic $($encoded)";}
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "" -Headers $headers `
                  | ConvertTo-JSon

Detailed API Listings


Our Blends service provides the ability to view, create, update, and delete blends.


Our Calc service provides various statistical analyses on returns data.


Our Data service provides qualitative data from various returns databases.


Our Scoring service provides score results and scoring criteria management.

Monte Carlo

Our Monte-Carlo service provide comprehensive simulations of the performance of model portfolios.